stella the forgeworks brew dog

Our product engineer, Will, carpools in with Stella everyday.  She is a part of our team and reminder that not only do we live and work in an amazing location, but also what a great work environment we have.   On weekends, Stella is usually on board a raft,  out fishing with Will.

Will found Stella through this awesome service:

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association



rayden and his jones' n catahoulas

By day,  Rayden works out all the crazy details of our raw materials, from ordering, stocking, to prepping.  And besides maintaining all of our equipment, he manages all the final finishing procedures on the tanks, and sees that they are ready for QA inspection before they are prepared for shipping.  Everyone at Forgeworks has multiple outdoor passions and pastimes, and as for Rayden and his wife,  nurturing cattle and herding Catahoula puppies is at the top of their list. Jonesin for a Catahoula pup?  Here you go: