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artfully handbuilt

 Sexy, Burly & Beautifully Basic

Brewhouses, Cellar Equipment, tanks for craft food & Beverage, cosmetics & pharmaceutical, cold brew coffee

We build stainless steel tanks for the happiest industry of them all, Craft Beer.  At our core is a focus on the Brew Pub model, building a basic Brewhouse, which utilizes soft hose connections and simple controls. Our equipment is built sexy, burly & beautiful in the USA, in the mountain town of Ridgway, Colorado.  Our satisfaction is in helping you equip your dream job in the brewery.  To complement our focus,  we also build custom stainless steel tanks for the Craft Food/Beverage,  and Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical industries.

Besides our standard designs, we are accustomed to building equipment for smaller spaces, either with custom dimensions, custom sized or shaped brew decks,  or by combining a Hot Liquor Tank with a Mash/Lauter Tun (known as a Combi Tank). 



this is our passion

at the crossroads of two bronze age crafts - Brewing and Metal Work

We get to do this! All day long... Our products are made by craft beer loving people who choose a mountain town lifestyle to live, work and play. We approach every project with thoughtful design and careful consideration.

Our Customers

the craft brewing industry is remarkable for its collaboration! We invite you to engage with our customers...