The Forgeworks Story

it all began in 1994 in a small hand-built workshop


A story of pride and craftsmanship, Forgeworks began in 1994 in a small hand-built workshop in the mountain mining town of Rico, Colorado, population 265. Twenty-seven-year-old Tom Bennett started his first company, Bennett Forgeworks, intending to service a growing market for fine woodworking in nearby Telluride. But a chance meeting with a local blacksmith led him to pursue and master the art of forging metal.

Since those early days Tom has grown a successful business providing beautiful architectural metalwork to homes and businesses across the San Juan Mountain region. Over the years his small wooden shop in a friend’s backyard has been replaced with a large modern building with heavy forging equipment, advanced fabricating machinery and a well-equipped machine shop. It was at this shop in Ridgway, Colorado where word of a growing demand for high quality, competitively priced brewing equipment led him to found his second company, Forgeworks Inc.  Nearly every vessel in our offering features Tom Bennett's handiwork from the Ridgway forge, like our brass handles on our manways and brass name plaques.

Over the past decade Forgeworks has grown from repairing rusty kettles for Tom Hennessy of our local brewery, Colorado Boy,  to a world class brewhouse and cellar vessel production program here in Ridgway. Our talented employees choose to live in Colorado’s Western Slope out of a passion for a mountain lifestyle and the opportunity to practice their craft producing burly equipment for the craft beer industry.

We design and build all our vessels inspired by some core tenants:

  • Pride in our place in the world

  • Design of mechanisms that work so well as to elicit a smile

  • Function so seamless that allows the end user to work without distraction from their tools

  • Aesthetic that displays care and thoughtful consideration, with all traces of awkwardness in the visual composition worked out

  • Craftmanship that is second to none

As a small business in the brewing industry we are always excited to hear about new ventures. We believe brewers know best what they need - and will work hard to make you the perfect system. Contact us to learn more about our equipment and how we can build the system that fits your brewery like a glove.