-7 -to 30 Barrel in our Made in USA Cellar Line
-3.5 to 60 Barrel in our Imported Cellar Line
-Koelschips- (Currently in design stage, Available to Order in September 2018)

Where your wort becomes beer. Keep your yeast happy and healthy in a Forgeworks Super Fermenter.  We also build Jacketed Bright and Single Wall Bright/Serving tanks. We offer two options for cellar equipment: Our Made in the USA Cellar line, and our Imported Economy cellar line.  Forgeworks also offers standard or custom Koelschip open fermentation tanks.


super fermenter

Forgeworks Made in the USA Super Fermenters includes more glycol jacketing surface area than any other similarly sized product on the market. With jacketing in both the cylindrical and conical sections of the tank, your beers will crash in a fraction of the time you are accustomed to. We believe every brewery should have at least one built by us.  If it's just one, make it double sized,  make it your favorite fermenter for the Lagers. Go large with your big beers, our Super Fermenter has 40% Freeboard!  Fermenters also come standard with: CIP/blow off arm, side manway, racking arm, drain, upper dry hop port. We also make available our Imported Economy option.


brite tanks

Like our Super Fermenters, Forgeworks Brite Tanks come standard with glycol jacketing on over 75% of the vessel's surface area. Brite tanks come standard with CIP arm, carb port, thermowell, sight glass, and dry hop port. Brite tanks are also available via our Imported Economy line.

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Koelschips in Design

serving tanks

Forgeworks serving are single walled vessels designed for cold-room storage. They come standard with CIP arm, two accessory ports, thermowell and drain. Serving tanks are also available via our Imported Economy line.