We build 3.5 - 15 Barrel Brewhouses, and up to 30bbl Hot/Cold Liquor Tanks

Brewhouses are the hearth of your brewery. These vessels undergo the most thermal stress on brew day, as much as 145°F year after year. For this reason, our Made in the USA brewhouses are built burly and complete with every feature a brewer needs to make superb beer. We will build you individual tanks designed for soft hose connections and simple controls.  We are also capable of  building your Brewhouse with process piping,  including a Diverter Panel and several choices of control panel options. 

We believe its not in your best interest to tell you what you want. Some manufacturers package everything into what is known as a "turnkey" system, which many times includes equipment or features that you didn't need or want. We believe in providing you a very detailed a la carte style estimate, so you can choose what you need and want. With our estimate, you can see the price of each and every component of the brewery you want to build. We believe it would be doing you a disservice to do this any other way. We are as "turnkey" as you need us to be. Everything you need, nothing you don't want...unlike some turnkey offerings from other companies, that create a "turnkey" package with inferior components to get to a target price point. 



mash/Lauter tun

Our Mash/Lauter Tuns have every feature you need to achieve excellent mash efficiency and maximum saccharification of grains. Our standard widths are designed for specific minimum and maximum grain bills producing a Plato Range of approximately 10.50-21.85. These single infusion vessels feature tight-tolerance lauter screens guaranteed to encourage quick grain bed settling and short vorlauf cycles. Our custom Forgeworks manway performs like a bank vault door - just one smooth fluid motion to open and close. Other standard features: manometer ports, insulated side walls, CIP hook up, grain in/grist hydrator port, thermowell.  Available options: steam jacketing (nice for step mashing), dome top lid, custom vorlauf arm, rake and plow assembly. Sizes: 3.5, 5, 7 ,10 & 15bbl.



We build our Kettle/Whirlpool with approximately 40% freeboard/headspace, which contributes to safer boils.  For additional boil over safety,  we add standard a boil-over foam sensor port.  Our Standard Kettle/Whirlpool tanks are indirect-fired with natural gas/propane burners. They come with a fireproof burner chamber designed to promote even heat transfer to your wort. We also build Steam Fired Kettles with superior jacketed surface area for quick vigorous boils, and excellent control. Our custom Forgeworks top manway comes standard and adds a level of distinction to this expertly crafted piece of equipment. Standard features: racking arm, whirlpool port, CIP, drain, steam stack with condensate drain, boil over foam sensor port. An Electric Fired Kettle option is available in 3.5 & 5bbl.  Sizes: 3.5, 5, 7, 10& 15bbl



side manway.JPG