Forgeworks Cold Brew Coffee Brewer

Forgeworks Cold Brew Coffee Brewer


The Forgeworks Cold Brewer. A 20 Gallon Cold Brew Coffee brewing vessel that delivers the perfect net  output of 15 Gallons fitting for a standard half barrel keg that your brewery already uses.  

Cold Brew coffee is steeped at room temperature, producing a low-acidity coffee beverage that tastes great when served on nitro. The Cold Brewer makes brewing easy, with a Stainless Steel 50 micron filter basket and pre-installed outlet valve that can drain straight into your keg.

How does this fit with your Brewery?  With little extra time and effort,  you can offer your patrons the alternative of a Nitro Coffee.  All you need is an extra 15gal half keg, and a Nitro Tap and you have another profit center.  You will pay for this Cold Brewer from sales generated from 15 gallons at $5 per 12oz serving.   Dimensions: 18-1/4 Diameter, 21-1/4” Tall.   Weight: 35lbs

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