The Little Machine Story

As every brewery has its own unique story, their concepts and coming together of partners,  Little Machine Beer  in Denver, Colorado holds  a special place in the history of Forgeworks and the State of Colorado.  Imagine having a customer that is a real time, live brewery showroom.   Brett Williams and the Little Machine Partners commissioned Forgeworks to build not only their 10bbl Brewhouse,  but each and every jacketed and single wall cellar vessel.  They use a Forgeworks Grain Mill, Grist Hydrator,  Hot Liquor Tank, and Grant.  This makes Little Machine Beer Company, the first and only brewery in Colorado, brewing and cellaring with all Made In Colorado equipment.  If you are staring or expanding  a brewery on the Front Range in Colorado,  or find yourself flying into DIA,  get over to Little Machine  and have Mike pour you a YAFI IPA.   The crew at Little Machine have been so welcoming to our prospective customers.  Each year we co-host an open house during the Great American Beer Festival.   To show our appreciation,  we made them the plaque pictured, with little LED eyes on the robots.  Thanks guys!